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sales funnel

1. Research your Audience
2. Create Buyer Personas
3. Develop a Strategy for Traffic and Lead Generation
4. Develop a Strategy to Engage your Audience
5. Convert your Leads

1. Research your Audience

For your sales funnel to be effective, you need to understand your audience. Conduct research on your target customers and find out:

  • What are pain points?
  • What are their interest and expectations?
  • Where are they on social media?
  • What annoys them about shopping online or paying for a service online?

You can expand this list of questions based on what you need to know.

2. Create Buyer Personas

Not every customer is the same. Their buying journeys and motivations for making a purchase may differ. Create different and accurate personas based on;

  • Why they want to buy a product
  • How they are going to use the product
  • What motivates them to buy a product

You can personalise and enhance every individual customer’s experience by grouping them into a relevant buyer persona.

3. Develop a Strategy for Traffic and Lead Generation

People need to learn about your product or service in order to buy it. SO you need to drive traffic to your site and stir the interest of your visitors.

Your traffic and lead generation strategy may include;

  • Influence marketing
  • Guest posting
  • PPC campaign
  • Social media advertising

4. Develop a Strategy to Engage your Audience

Once you have the attention of your audience, you need to engage them. The goal is to educate them about your product or service can benefit them, do that they develop interest.

Your audience engagement and lead nurturing may include:

  • Creating relevant, engaging and useful blog posts
  • Creating engaging and informative videos
  • Promoting your posts on social media’
  • Having influencers create tutorials and reviews about your product.
  • Promoting your latest blog post.

5. Convert your Leads

After the lead has developed enough interest in your product or service, they need to take the final action of making a purchase.

Make sure it is easy to complete purchase on your website by:

  • Reducing form fields
  • Minimising the number of steps required to complete purchases
  • Providing one-click sign-in and signup options

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